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Bath Time

One of our retailers had a customer purchase a full case (100 bars) of our Carbolic Soap, saying he was heading to the Amazon to pan for emeralds and other precious stones, and that washing with carbolic soap keeps mosquitoes at bay.

A bit sceptical, our retailer decided to try it for himself. Freshly showered with carbolic soap, he attended his kid's evening baseball game. He noticed everyone in the stands was swatting continuously throughout the game, while any mosquitoes landing on him immediately leapt off.
So, is our Carbolic Soap a bath-time bug buster? We figure there must be something to it, because anyone willing to haul 26 pounds of soap up the Amazon must feel it's worthwhile, and the retailer who sold it to him seemed to have bust that particular baseball bug biting binge! So we did some more research.

It turns out one of our customers in northern Ontario stocks up on Carbolic Soap every spring for tree planters, who buy it in droves. "They're out in the deep woods from dawn to dusk," she says. "They swear that it helps keep the bugs at bay." Another of our distributors has been shipping cases of it to a worm picking company in the prairies for years.

Thereza, who works at a health and bulk food store in Thunder Bay, Ontario, told us she always knows when Girl Guide groups are summer camping, because their parents start asking for our Carbolic Soap. "Every summer they clean us out," she says.

The son of one of our retailers had a summer position working on a crew clearing dense forest for an electric utility's power lines. Talk about being a mosquito magnet! His mother included our Carbolic Soap in his kit, with the instructions, "Wash head to toe with this every day!" Upon his return from "bugland," he thanked his mom for the homespun advice. He had been bitten a few times, but he said, "You should have seen what the guys who didn't use Carbolic Soap looked like!"

While we have no scientific evidence to support why our Carbolic Soap helps keep mosquitoes from biting, we think it's probably because it cleanses away most of your natural scent, which attracts mosquitoes, and replaces it with a medicine-like carbolic fragrance. Other than that, we rely on the tales of our many retailers and customers, who claim it truly is a bath-time bug buster!