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"I'm writing to let Soap Works and everyone know about the Creamy Clay Soap.

I've suffered from acne for years. I've tried many things that have helped for a period of time but it just seems to keep coming back eventually. I've spent 100's of dollars on spa treatments, medications and products. Now I've found creamy clay soap. The first time I used it I noticed a creamy glow to my skin. And pretty soon it had an amazing affect on my acne. It's only like about $2 and it lasted for 3-4 months. Now that is quality and economical! I use it on my face and back and have noticed that it works well as a deodorant because of it's antibacterial properties from bentonite clay. To increase it's effectiveness I leave the soap on my skin for a few minutes while in the shower (like a mini mask). It is a powerful tool in my acne arsenal."

Surrey, BC


Hello, a few years ago I began suffering from acne, so much so that over-the-counter remedies would not work. It got to the point where I had to prescribed medication, and even that worked to a degree. A few months ago, I came across a selection of Soap Works and decided to buy creamy clay, as I've heard clay is good for oily/combination skin. Since my first clay bar, I'm SO proud to say that I've only experienced a few breakouts, my skin hasn't looked this great in FOREVER. I tell all my friends who experience problem skin, and I will forever be loyal customer of Soap Works! Thanks so much for creating these amazing, organic products.



I bought 3 of your soaps from the Bulk Barn yesterday.
I used the bentonite clay on face and body yesterday night in the shower . I woke up this morning and instead of the usual oily film on my face this morning, my face felt great. Your soaps are wholesome goodness in a bar. I will be using more.

—T. Grant, Bowmanville

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