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A Delightful Deck "Hand"

We enlisted our 12-year-old son to scrub our mould and mildew covered deck, using mixtures of two quarts of hot tap water with 1/3 of a bag of Safe Bleach. We knew it would be harmless to him, unlike most products designed to clean mould and mildew.

Anyone who has adolescents knows how much effort a 12-year-old is likely to put into scrubbing anything; so imagine our delight when, after only an hour or so, fewer than two bags of Safe Bleach, and a final hosing off with cold water, our deck was as good as new! And the cedar hedge and bed of annuals adjacent to it were completely unharmed. What a great deck "hand" your product is! No noxious odours, no toxic fumes, no need for protective gloves. And at a total cost of less than $15! Incidentally, we also used it on our dock and garden bench, both with the same great results!