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eye see clearly

Eye Can See
Clearly Now!

When my grandpa started wearing eyeglasses, he noticed they would get smudged over the course of the day. He asked his optometrist how to clean them. The optometrist suggested simply washing them with hand soap and water, and drying them with a lint- free cloth or paper towel. I can still remember Grandpa washing his glasses with soap and water, then tearing off a fresh section of paper towel and meticulously drying the lenses. Then he would lay the dampened paper towel across a drying rack and reuse it later. Living through the Great Depression, he'd developed a healthy respect for economizing. Wearing glasses myself, I also can see clearly now, because I use your natural soaps and water to clean them. And I try to conserve that piece of paper towel for another day, in honour of my grandpa.