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Kitchen Guilt!

For years I've resorted to chlorine bleach to get stubborn stains out of my off-white kitchen sink. Then I discovered your Safe Bleach. I use a couple of tablespoons in a sink full of hot tap water. I also throw my dishcloths in. At the end of the soak, I wring out one or two of the dishcloths and wipe my counters, fridge, range and microwave oven. This stuff not only removes stains, it cuts grease! So... triple duty out of one application of your wonderful product. And all without the guilt associated with flushing chlorine bleach down the drain!

I also use Safe Bleach to clean mould and mildew from my stone birdbath. I just sprinkle some in, fill with water and let soak for a while; then scrub with an old dish brush, rinse, and that yucky black stuff is gone. I notice it takes much longer for it to come back again, too!
— Sharon, Toronto, Ontario