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Multi-Purpose Safe Bleach
from The Soap Works

Add Power to Your Wash  - Add a tablespoon of Safe Bleach to a load of laundry; adds brightening power when combined with our Pure Laundry Soap Powder – effective & environmentally friendly.


Deck Wash – Remove mould & mildew on wooden decks the environmentally friendly way! No toxic fumes or special equipment is necessary. Add ¼-1/3  of a bag of safe bleach to about 2 liters of hot tap water. Brush onto deck & scrub lightly. Let dry (repeat if necessary) and rinse off with clean water. This product is plant and lawn friendly. P.S. With a little scrubbing, it also worked great on the wooden slats on the patio bench; Safe Bleach got rid of the dull grey and brought back the original honey oak colour. click here

Grout Cleaner - Make into a paste with hot tap water; apply with a soft brush to stained or moldy bathroom or kitchen grout. Let dry for ½ hour; brush or mop off dried residue. Repeat where necessary

Whiter table cloths – Fill a bucket with hot tap water & add a tablespoon of safe bleach per gallon. Let soak, until water cools to room temperature. Wash as normal in your washing machine – add a teaspoon of safe bleach to your laundry soap.

For Tough Laundry Stains – Pre-soak garments with tough, organic stains in a bucket with hot soapy water and a teaspoon to tablespoon of safe bleach per gallon of water.

Get Rid of Bathtub Ring – Fill bathtub with hot tap water. Mix in about 1/3-1/2 cup safe bleach as tub is filling. Wipe bathtub surfaces. Let sit until water is cools & drain.

Stain Remover – Gloria from Lindsay, Ontario – “Wow! My daughter (16 years old) dyed her hair purple and then went to watch a football game in the rain. Her hair ‘bled’ onto a white puffy vest with black lining. Soap Works saved the day with their safe bleach. I put the vest in the washer to soak with 3 tsp. of safe bleach and warm water. An hour later, it came out perfect! The white was white and the black wasn’t faded at all. Thanks.” (We had to tell you this one!)

Pet Stains - Works especially well on organic stains. Mix some safe bleach, mild soap and hot water in a cup. Test on a hidden corner for colour fastness of surface being treated. If OK, drizzle safe bleach and hot water solution over stain. After a few minutes, blot with clear water and dab up excess water gently with a towel. Repeat if necessary.

Cloudy Glassware – Get rid of those cloudy bases in your favourite glassware that detergents & dishwashers can’t get by adding a tsp. of safe bleach and filling the glass with hot tap water. Rinse with fresh tap water after it cools. P.S. Works on the coffee pot too.

Cookie Sheets, Pots and Pans with Baked on Food Stains - Soak in solution of safe bleach, mild soap and hot water for 45 minutes; after soaking, scrub with a scouring pad – cleans down to the metal.

Remember: Always use the hot tap water (do not use boiling water) and a little mild soap with Safe Bleach. As the Safe Bleach and water cools, the cleaning power slows. After 30-45 minutes the solution neutralises.

We’d love to hear about your discoveries for uses for Safe Bleach. Please send us a note to The Soap Works, P.O. Box 94100, 3409 Yonge St., Toronto, ON, M4N 2L0