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"Dear Soap Works Staff,

I am writing to thank you for your Tea Tree Oil bar soap.

Throughout my adolescent years, I suffered from moderately severe acne. I had tried every product out there, even trying expensive prescription pills. As an adult, the problem became even more embarrassing.

About 8 months ago I ran out of my usual facial soap but it appeared to be discontinued. On my hunt for a new soap, I discovered your tea tree oil bar soap. I purchased it and used it on my face daily but continued to use an acne cream with harsh chemicals as well.

Recently I got quite sick and stopped using the harsh acne cream during that time. I did continue however to use the tea tree oil bar soap. To my amazement, I still did not break out! I am so happy to say I am able to cut the chemical-filled acne cream out of my daily regime and use your natural, healthy bar soap alone.

Thank you!"

West Kelowna, BC

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