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Avoid deer flies... not the forest

Deer Flies are the menace of many hiking, canoeing or camping trips. Deer Flies hover around the back of your head, land and bite. If you swat them, unless they go "squish", they're right back for another bite.

Nancy and her dog Pepper love to take long walks through the forest. Noting to her sister, Susan, that the Deer Flies were particularly ferocious, Susan suggested that she try our Carbolic soap. She knew that it worked with mosquitoes so maybe, she surmised, it would help ward off Deer Flies.

Nancy grabbed a dry bar of Soap Works Carbolic soap and simply rubbed it on her exposed skin paying particular attention to the back of her neck and top of her head (you could try rubbing the soap on your hat). Well she couldn't wait to tell her sister that it worked! Nancy said that the Deer Flies were swarming as usual; but after using the Carbolic soap, they did not bite.

Nancy said that the trick was to keep the bar with her on the walks and reapply with a few rubs on her bare skin or clothing from time to time (probably as the soap wore off or perspiration wore off the soap).

So if you are planning to venture into Deer Fly territory, give Carbolic soap a try and hope it works as well for you as it did for Nancy.


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